Renew and Restore Ultimate Wellness Using IV Therapy

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the rewarding benefits of Intravenous (IV) therapy! IV Therapy has become a popular wellness regimen that provides a quick and effective way to address deficiencies and support overall health. This blog delves into the nourishing advantages of intravenous hydration drips.

What Is IV Therapy?

IV therapy has evolved beyond basic vitamin infusions to include specialized blends tailored to specific needs, such as anti-aging, immune support, and stress relief. Customized IV blends are becoming increasingly popular, allowing individuals to personalize their treatment based on their unique health goals. 

At Release, we’re proud to partner with Wendy Weiss, Co-Founder of Recharge Medspa, who strongly advocates for the efficacy of IV therapy. “IV therapy provides immediate hydration, something we all tend to lack even in our normal states,” she said. “Incorporating vitamins into the IV hydration allows for better absorption as the digestive system is bypassed. This means relief is felt quickly and recovery is activated.”

Drip absorption is more efficient than oral intake, with up to 90% of nutrients being absorbed directly into the bloodstream compared to regular supplements and a healthy diet alone. The balance of vitamins and minerals enhances energy levels, bolsters immunity, promotes better sleep quality, improves skin and hair complexion, and reduces inflammation and toxins in the body. It is a great addition to your wellness routine, whether you’re looking for a boost for your immune system or hoping to recover from strenuous activity or jet lag. At Release Back Bay, IV therapy is an exciting addition to our offerings that provides fast and long-term results. A few benefits include the following:

  • IV Therapy is a natural way to reduce migraines and treat depression. It is particularly helpful if you have difficulty taking oral supplements. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can trigger migraines – IV fluids can properly balance the body’s electrolytes, alleviating symptoms. Similarly, dehydration can lead to worsening symptoms of anxiety and depression. With IV therapy, your body and mind can function optimally through rapid rehydration and vitamin support. 
  • Many patients seek out IV therapy to relieve symptoms of conditions associated with pain or inflammation. A cocktail of Vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc, and electrolytes is great for localized relief, as they simultaneously block nerve signals from transmitting pain. 
  • Improve mobility and rehydrate with ease! If you have an active lifestyle or are involved in strenuous sports, this treatment is the perfect option for you. We can custom-tailor the drip after assessing the client’s needs. Different combinations provide various advantages, and personalized formulas can soothe body aches and encourage faster recovery. We offer guidance based on your intake forms and labs. 

It’s important to remember that IV drips are not a viable substitute for nutritional wellness alone. For optimal health, fuel your body with heart-healthy foods, drink water, and engage in physical activity that increases energy levels.

Recharge x Release

Experience the healing benefits of IV therapy with our partnering med spa in Back Bay! On the third Saturday of every month, you can combine IV Therapy with Recharge on Clarendon with our most popular services for the ultimate wellness experience. “Our shared mission to uplift individuals through wellness was obvious, and combining our service offerings in a collaborative way strengthens that mission,” said Weiss. “Our expertise lies in the medical aspects of wellness, which is a missing piece for Release. Even our names fit perfectly together- Release and Recharge!” Contact us to learn more about our IV Therapy services, workshops, or transformational programs.