Holiday habits don’t always end at Thanksgiving! As we enjoy the most festive month of the year, we’re here to remind you that December can also be a time of transformational healing. While it’s okay to indulge occasionally, overconsumption can impede your body’s ability to cleanse. As we head into 2023, our Release Well-Being experts share tips on healthy detox.

What Is Body Detox?

Detoxification is an ongoing process that your body naturally carries out. As your liver, kidneys, lungs, and digestive system remove toxins from your body, there are actions you can take to assist.

Start by eliminating unhealthy foods and harmful products from your routine. Try to eat nutritious meals, exercise, keep hydrated, participate in a cleanse, or join wellness programs like massage therapy or mindfulness meditation

Whole-Body Detoxification, According To Our Experts

Each of our wellness experts practices body detox differently. They offer advice based on their own experiences.

Release Wellness Coach Kathleen Quinton finds that small changes and healthy rituals can significantly impact our physical health. “Our body speaks to us,” she said. “It can tremble, creak and groan when out of alignment.” It’s important to pay attention to the signals our bodies tell us to slow down. Our emotions can build up, escalate, and even hinder us. Detox promotes health, vitality, and strength when we need it most.

Like Quinton, Yoga Instructor Marianne Davis uses this time to renew. She practices a no-diet Kombucha cleanse to restore and rebalance her system during the holidays. The refreshing fermented beverage is nutrient packed with antioxidants, vitamins, amino and acetic acids that reboot your body and mind. When she’s not participating in the juice cleanse, Davis practices reiki, yoga, or getting a good night’s sleep.

Founder of Release, Linda Townsend’s favorite part of detoxing is experimenting with movement. She urges everyone to find ways to make time for exercise and pay attention to how they strengthen themselves on a daily basis. “Feed your gut whole, healthy foods, and use supplements,” she said. “Make sure to hydrate and sweat regularly! Skin is the largest organ in the body.”

Daily workouts keep her grounded and focused. When she’s not active, she also enjoys therapeutic massage and hydrotherapy. 

4 Effective Ways To Detox The Body

Recharge With A Wellness Program

This time of year, it’s common to need a reset. When you receive bodywork while detoxing, the massage can achieve greater results, bringing you into a deeper state of relaxation and emotional bliss. These wellness practices activate all parts of the body. Release inner conflict and achieve zen through energy-based treatments, such as reiki, yoga, or massage. 

Morning Walk

Morning walks are gentle, low-intensity workouts that help circulation and flush out toxins. There are healing powers behind getting fresh air. Oxygen is necessary for fueling the cells in our body. It also clears our lungs, gives us energy, and releases endorphins.

Full Night Sleep

Proper rest is restorative. It replenishes energy, repairs cells, tissues and muscles, and helps the body function optimally. Getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night is important and serves as a great way to clear your mind and let go of what’s no longer serving you. 

Load Up On Superfoods

Snacking on junk food, especially throughout the colder months, can get in the way of staying healthy. When cravings kick in, try to pick foods high in nutrients. Our personal favorites are Fire Cider and Ginger & Turmeric Hot Shots from Nourish Cafe. They are 100% detoxifying and incredibly delicious. Smoothies are another way to pack in leafy greens like spinach and kale. 

A Fresh Start For The New Year

At Release, we’re here to help you eliminate toxins and prepare for a prosperous New Year! Instead of waiting for January to jump on your resolutions, why not start now? Reach out to our holistic healing center to learn more about body detox and the renewing programs we offer.