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Setting out January 1st, many of us have grand intentions to start what we have been putting off and finally act on those hopes and dreams. The problem is that when we try to switch gears too quickly, we often end up feeling overwhelmed and in a worse place than before we started. Why? Because until you dig deeper and figure out what is keeping you (mindset, beliefs, obstacles) from that change you wish to make, change will be nearly impossible.

Not only do we have to work our mindset in a unique way, but we also have to allow the momentum of new ways of doing things to slow down. Change is the only constant in life, yet it can also be the trickiest thing.  

 Whenever humans attempt to try something new, it is completely normal to feel a range of emotions. Maybe you’re feeling anxious, excited, unsure, or even worried. Maybe you’re nervous that you will fail or that you won’t be able to follow through or you have a fear of the unknown.  You may even be afraid of succeeding and you don’t even realize that! But what you can predict is how you want to feel…you want to feel good about yourself, like you’re making a positive change. Change can be tricky though, because it means that you have to step outside of your comfort zone. The intention of change is to stretch our boundaries so that we can experience more of life. So yes, it is uncomfortable, exciting, scary…all of the above!

 The resolutions that you set for the new year are possibly things that you have never done before. Or things that you have done, but unsuccessfully. Therefore, it does make sense that you are a bit reluctant to jump in with both feet. Let us help guide you towards the right goals for YOU so that you can feel sure, confident, excited and focused on your plans, which will ultimately lead you towards success.


What will I get out of it?

You will leave the two-hour workshop with a solid plan, along with specific goals, to begin to implement your resolution/change.  You will also have a connection and relationship with a coach to connect with afterwards, should you need further help and a sense of accountability.  

 How do I know that this program will be effective for me?

You will be kindly and thoroughly supported by a Certified Wellness Coach and a Certified Life Coach, both of whom have with experience in a multitude of wellness areas. They are highly skilled in understanding what it takes to unwind old habits and set new habits in motion.

 What will I have to do?

We ask that you bring your resolutions… failed or successful.  Come with an open mind and be ready to implement a unique plan that is going to work for you!

 Materials needed:

Your planner/calendar, your “resolutions”, something to take notes with and comfortable clothing, as we will be incorporating some movement into our goal planning!


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

7:00 – 9:00pm

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