OK, OK, we know – each year we TELL ourselves “Starting in the New Year, I am going to get in the gym X amount of days a week and get in shape!” Then, at the beginning of each year we see our gyms swamped with people with the same bright goals. Slowly as February approaches, and then March, and FORGET about April, you have more space in your once crowded gym as you see these resolutions start to take a back seat to other priorities, tasks, and events in people’s lives. We are all human and we have all done it. We start getting busy and bogged down by life and self-care becomes a luxury rather than a necessity. This should never be the case! If your body mind and spirit are WELL you will be your BEST self in all other aspects of your life. Taking time for your physical fitness is not taking away from the other important aspects of your life, but rather contributing to. You will be better at work or in school because your mental focus will be improved, you will be a positive person to be around as the endorphins are released through exercise, you will be able to play with and pick up your children or your grandchildren longer into their life thanks to that strength you have built. Physical fitness is not a selfish luxury, it is a necessity for yourself, your work and your loved ones!

For others, it is not just the time or the obligations of life but the boredom of routine in the gym and the lack of self-motivation. If that sounds like you- you are a group fitness candidate for sure! You need someone leading you through postures in a yoga class, sets and reps in an intense boot camp class, or fun light-hearted dance moves in a Bollywood Dancing class! Physical fitness should be fun and changing up your routine and trying new things will help to keep your mind motivated and your muscles engaged in new challenges! Come check out Releases’ extensive Yoga and Fitness class schedule here. Our world class fitness providers are excited to help you stay motivated throughout 2017!