Revitalize Your Routine: Tips for a Healthier Spring

March brings the onset of spring—a beacon for renewal and rejuvenation. The transition into a season with increased sunlight and warmth presents a great opportunity to boost your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. This is an opportune time to set new goals, practice new habits, and cultivate a mindset geared toward growth and positivity. 

Resetting Your Physical Self

Linda Townsend, Founder of Release Well-Being Center, is passionate about embracing a holistic reset as we transition into spring. “Our natural biorhythms encourage us to slow down during the winter months,” she said. “Often, this includes spending much of our time indoors and perhaps a less active lifestyle. It feels great to refresh along with the season, inside and out from head to toe.”

At Release Well-Being Center, we invite you to step back from the hustle and bustle of daily life and adopt new practices that encourage you to reflect and take time for yourself. This is the prime time to plan regular outings, whether alone or with friends and family.

Nourish Your Mind and Soul

Time spent outdoors boosts your energy! Spending 20 or more minutes outside can give your brain a nice energy boost. Research continues to demonstrate that sunlight keeps your serotonin levels up. It raises your energy levels and keeps you calm, positive, and focused.

Reclaim your vitality by prioritizing outdoor physical activity. A shift in surroundings and exposure to more greenery can evoke more positivity. A few ways to reconnect with the natural world include: taking a long walk around the neighborhood, biking with friends, going on a hike, or walking a nature trail. 

Keep your body at ease. Spending more time outdoors can help restore your focus and reduce anxiety. To emotionally revitalize, consider taking a break from the digital world and try to prioritize face-to-face interactions with friends and loved ones. This can help you undo symptoms of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), commonly experienced during the winter.

If you’re seeking a mental refresh, consider relaxation practices such as meditation or mindfulness. These techniques are invaluable for grounding your thoughts and fostering a sense of tranquility. This spring, establish new routines dedicated to reflection and focus on what’s most important to you. 

The change in season presents an ideal opportunity for “spring cleaning.” Just as we declutter our physical spaces, try to take the steps toward mental clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. Create an environment conducive to relaxation and inner peace.

Linda’s Tips For A Healthy Detox

Linda kicks off her spring wellness routine with a simple spring detox. “For five days, I eliminate red meat, dairy, gluten, corn, caffeine, and alcohol. I drink dandelion tea to boost detoxification,” she said.

“Not drinking coffee is the hardest part, but my complexion becomes clearer and my eyes brighter. I experience better focus and concentration, and my mood is elevated. After the detox, my seasonal diet focuses on feeding my microbiome. I aim to eat 50 unique plants per week.”

In addition to eating healthier, Linda also switches up her movement routine. She incorporates more exercise outside, including walking, running, and biking, to boost her serotonin and Vitamin D levels, which are typically lower than ideal range during winter.

Rejuvenate at Release Boston

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