I have been asked several times if I was always into fitness.  I never worked out growing up, didn’t play a sport, and didn’t go to the gym, at all. When I was 25 my friend and I signed up for the NYC marathon as a joke (thinking we wouldn’t get picked). Well… we both got in. I had never run a mile before that day, I couldn’t even comprehend what a marathon was. We looked up training plans and started with 3 miles. I was terrified!!!   Four long months we trained, running in the August heat, pouring rain, and chilly October nights.


     Race day came quickly.  We both had no idea what to expect. Mile 22 hit me hard, I remember nearly fainting but somehow I regained my strength and we finished together. After that day I went on to run 2 more marathons and several 1/2 marathons. I became a group fitness instructor, and to this day love teaching SPIN. 

      For years I have met many SPIN students who tell me how scared they are to try SPIN. They say it’s intimidating, dark, loud, and fast.  Once trying, they realize you can chose your resistance, sit if you need to, work at your own pace, and have fun. Sure it’s tough, but it gets easier the more you do it. Once you move passed the fear you become comfortable and stronger. Some of those terrified students have gone on to become instructors themselves. 


      I remember the fear I felt going into that marathon day. I could have easily quit but I didn’t.  That race definitely made me who I am today. It showed me if I put my mind to something, anything is possible.  Fear makes us stronger, you need to listen to it and challenge it!!!