It’s not as hard as you think to start a meditation practice. You absolutely should If you struggle from: anxiety, work stress, sleep deprivation, overwhelming feelings or thoughts, lack of concentration, lack of creativity, lack of patience, lack of motivation—really, the list of issues meditation can conquer is endless. By incorporating a meditation practice into your life, you will feel better and more fulfilled. I promise you. Finding something good in every moment and being in the moment is possible. It is within you. You just have to begin.

I am over the moon to bring my meditation workshop, “Sit Still”, back to Release Well-Being. Being able to create a home meditation practice has positively impacted my life in every way imaginable. I was once lost in my messy, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, chaotic mind. Self-destruction was a consistent pattern. Things began to shift when I became aware of the madness in my mind. The clarity, focus, compassion, and peace this practice has brought me is priceless. It’s given me a deep appreciation and understanding of who I truly am and where I want to be. My hope is that I can help others who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or just looking to flow a little easier in life.


The process of unlearning our conditioned existence and redirecting the mind to see clearly and honestly works with consistent “practice”. I believe in the process wholeheartedly and I am so excited to share this workshop with as many people as possible!! I hope to see you there on July 11th at 1- 3pm!!!