A clear mind and grateful heart open you up to receive all the good things life has to offer. November is a time to share gratitude and celebrate health and happiness among family and friends! As we approach Thanksgiving, try to remove stressors from your life through the power of spiritual detox. Take a deep breath and enjoy the holiday season with a few tips from our wellness practitioners at Release.

What is A Spiritual Detox?

Spirit detoxification helps you become more in tune with your inner purpose and being, while letting go of stored negativity. The detox leaves you feeling calm, balanced, and spiritually lighter.

Founder of Release Linda Townsend sees spirit detox as a tool that “keeps you aligned with your purpose.” Sometimes you must surrender to the universe and let things happen as they should. “You cannot always push an agenda,” she said. “Sometimes you need to let things unfold naturally and have faith that everything will work out.”

This popular holistic approach requires you to focus on your body and soul, similar to how you’d care for a garden. Tend to what has taken root and find a way to release it.

How We Practice Spiritual Detox

There is no perfect way to cleanse your spirit. It looks different for everyone, from daily journaling to immersing yourself in great literature.

Marianne Davis, our Yoga Instructor at Release, chooses to reflect on what’s important in her life. Spiritual detoxing helps her prioritize what she should give her time and attention to. “Spirit detox is ‘regrounding’ regularly – peeling the layers of the onion – and digging down to find your authentic self once those layers get peeled off,” she said.

During the week, she balances yoga and meditation with a few of her favorite activities, including listening to podcasts, reading blogs and books that nourish her soul.

Our Wellness Coach Kathleen Quinton plans to surround herself with positive energy, people, thoughts, and deeds that lift her spirits this holiday season.

“Spiritual health aligns with self-love and lasting change,” she said. “We are capable of great things when we align with our true selves.” She believes our mind, body, and spirit are connected and work in unison – spiritual detox is essential as we grow and evolve.

For Townsend, her best recommendation to beginners is a blend of physical and mental exercise. “One of my favorite books is the 7 Spiritual Laws of Success – I recommend this to anyone starting a detox,” she said. “Turning to inspiring authors helps me and could also help others.”

4 Ways To Better Spiritually Detox

Vision Board

Creating a vision board is a great way to reduce stress and focus your energy. Fill it with images and words that inspire and make you feel good. Practicing positive visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting your goals and intentions.

Sun Sauna

There are many spiritual benefits to sun saunas. Focus on your mindfulness and unwind without the harsh effect of harmful UV rays and distractions. The natural full-spectrum light increases serotonin production, improves your circulation and boosts vitamin D. Meditating and focusing on your breath during your session can bring you into spiritual homeostasis, both physically and mentally – leading to clarity and rejuvenation.

Physical Activity

When your spirit is imbalanced, you might feel less vitality. Physical activity clears the mind, enables you to re-channel those negative thoughts, and adopt a healthier mindset. The goal is to restore the connection between your physical and emotional self.

Spiritual Cleansing Diet

A healthy body is the key to a healthy mind. When your body is functioning normally, you feel great mentally and emotionally. You think clearly, have energy, see an improved mood, and can manage your environment.

The road to better spiritual health also means incorporating nutritious superfoods into your diet. That includes blueberries, acai, quinoa, sweet potatoes, salmon, and quiche (spinach, broccoli, and eggs). You can also find them on our Nourish Cafe Menu.

Enjoy A Spiritually Fulfilling Season

At Release Well Being Center, we’re here to help you unwind before the bustling holiday season. Reach out to our wellness center to learn more about spiritual detox and the treatments we offer to transform your mind, body, and soul