Take a break

Lately I have been feeling like I am really lacking in the self-care department. Working full time, raising three kids and spending 40 hours on a plane was taking a toll on me and this mama needed a break. I have heard about the newly opened Release Well-Being Center in Westborough and was curious to check it out.

Westborough Massage

I booked a 60 minute signature massage. I loved that they had several massage therapists so I could book just two hours in advance. At first I was taken back by the price. It was almost double what I have spent on a massage in the past, but you get so much more than just a massage.

Follow their suggestion of filling out the intake form online to save time and then arrive 30 minutes early.

When I arrived, I was given a short tour so I got my bearings. I was provided with a key to the locker room as well as sandals and a bathrobe to change into. I headed into the “Bliss” room to enjoy a 15 minute foot soak until my massage therapist came to retrieve me. I was glad to have that time to begin to relax and slow down.

The massage room was dark and cozy and had soothing music playing. I liked the woman I had because she incorporated a lot of energy work into the massage. My hour was up all too quickly and I had trouble even standing up afterwards, I was in such a state of deep relaxation.

Access to Bliss is included with a spa treatment. I changed into my bathing suit and headed to the outdoor mineral spa. It was a chilly spring day and it felt so good to sit in a hot stone tub by a crackling fireplace.

I’ve heard a lot of hype about Himalayan Salt Rooms lately, so I was excited to try that next. Only 4 people are allowed in the room at a time so a reservation is required (they booked me when I arrived). I sat in a zero-gravity chair for the 30 minute session and just zoned out. Salt therapy is said to reduce stress, headaches, and inflammation while strengthening your respiratory tract, boosting energy and improving your sleep patterns.

There is also a Eucalyptus Steam Room to help release toxins through sweat and deep breathing. It is known to improve immunity, relieve congestion and flush impurities.

The Sun Sauna gives off “filtered sunlight” that will safely increase natural vitamin D and serotonin production, while cleansing pores and promoting muscle relaxation. There is a private sauna if you prefer, but that also requires a reservation.

When I had gotten my fill of zen, I walked to the next building to have lunch in the Nourish Cafe. They offer a full menu of healthy soups, salads, paninis and smoothies. It was a perfect way to end my visit.

Although Release is co-ed and men are more than welcome, I am speaking to the mamas out there who need this. We are the care takers. We put everyone else’s needs before our own. Taking this time to myself felt indulgent, but what we have to understand is that self-care is not selfish. We need to take care of ourselves if we want to be able to take care of others. I didn’t realize how badly I needed this time to myself. It made me a better mother and a better wife.

The Release Well-Being Center also offers a variety of classes such as yoga, meditation, cycling, and a variety of fitness classes. Click here to visit their website to view the class schedule, check out their upcoming events, or to book an appointment. Release is the premiere destination for a Westborough massage.