Lately it seems as though the world is embracing the empath. Sensitivity is trending, and culture is more accepting and open to learning more about the empath trait. An empath is an extremely sensitive and intuitive person, who has the ability to absorb someone else’s energy. This is a powerful and beautiful gift, but it can also feel lonely and confusing.

Someone who is an empath is different than someone simply being empathetic in a situation or moment. Being empathetic means that you can understand what another person or creature is going through. Most of us have been empathetic in a situation or experience. It simply means that you can put yourself in another person’s shoes and relate to their experience, but being an empath is slightly different and not so simple. An empath, lives and breathes this trait. It does not turn off. An empath can understand the experiences and feel the feelings of others outside of their own perspective, as well as take on the mental or emotional state of another individual. In other words, someone else’s pain or happiness becomes their pain or happiness. This ability can feel like both a blessing and a curse. This type of person is kind, caring, sensitive, compassionate, a great friend, and a great listener. They can truly relate and understand others because they absorb energy and feel emotions that are not necessarily theirs. This a pretty cool and interesting trait, but the absorption of other people’s energy can be draining, overwhelming and create confusion. Too much energy in one room, or from one person, can deeply affect the empath. It is often difficult to differentiate between what is their energy and what is someone else’s. Experiences like this lead to an extreme amount of stress, anxiety, shame, and sometimes mental instabilities. Often, empaths will gravitate towards substance abuse trying to escape the abundance of emotions they feel. They often feel misunderstood and are emotionally vulnerable.

The path of an empath is not always easy. It is a rollercoaster ride when some of your sensations and energy you feel is not your own. The overwhelming emotional energy creates a sense of shame and a feeling of being misunderstood, and this is often what pushes them to try to escape feeling anything in general. The good news is that lately the stigma attached to being “too sensitive” is softening. The world is evolving, and it is more accepting than ever to be labeled an empath. Today we need these beautiful humans. We need healer’s, lovers, and compassionate beings to combat the hate that surrounds us in these trying times. Empathy is a gift, and in a world where so many people struggle to connect to their emotions, the empath can be superhero.

About 15% of the human population are empaths. Do you think you may be one? Or maybe you know someone who is? Here are some common traits associated with the empath.

● Deep sensitivity and a strong desire to understand and help others, as well as a deep desire to be understood.

●Sometimes labeled “too sensitive.”

● Highly sensitive to external stimuli, and large groups of people create strong emotional responses.

● An ability to take on other people’s emotions and energies, pick up on body language, tone of voice, and sense other people’s experiences.

● You are often jumpy or anxious.

● You are prone to anxiety and depression.

● You are a deep thinker and over analyze.

● You are creative, insightful, and intuitive.

●You are a truth seeker, and walking lie detector.

Empowering your empath gift is more accessible than you may think. There is an abundance of tools and insight within yoga, meditation, and other mindful practices. If you think you may be an empath, or if you know of someone that may be, then I hope you may check out my Empath Workshop on April 11th. It will ease your heart, and possibly create clarity and understanding where some empaths may feel lost and misunderstood. In this 2-hour long workshop, we will discuss what it truly means to be an empath, and ways to navigate through the confusion and chaos of emotional absorption. The last hour you will move to a whimsical all levels yoga flow to help you evolve and understand your gift. Bring your yoga mat and journal and prepare to empower your empath soul.

Join Gina on Sunday April 11th at 1pm for a workshop and yoga flow for the empath soul. Register on our website or call Release at 508-986-2330