Start Your Queer New Year with Trendy Wellness Retreats

Introducing the unveiling of the Release Well-Being Center—an avant-garde wellbeing center set to revolutionize the realm of contemporary wellness. Nestled in the heart of Boston’s opulent Back Bay neighborhood, this state-of-the-art wellness center is set to debut in January 2024, perfectly aligning with the spirit of the New Year, New You season. At the helm of Release Well-Being is Linda Townsend, founder and president, whose remarkable journey from a distinguished career in corporate America to becoming a certified yoga instructor and executive coach serves as the driving force behind the center. 

Release Well-Being takes an innovative approach to wellness, combining cutting-edge facilities with Linda’s genuine passion for creating a community where individuals find not just treatments but a transformative journey toward balance, purpose, and overall well-being. Release Boston will offer lifestyle medicine and wellness coaching programs to achieve an optimal state of living through an all-encompassing, holistic approach and will be equipped with the latest and most unique healing therapies including but not limited to: 

  • Contrast therapy featuring infrared and traditional saunas and cold plunge tubs
  • Eucalyptus steam rooms
  • Massage and esthetic services
  • Alternative healing services such as cupping, reflexology, and reiki
  • The signature “Bliss” Experience, where holistic remedies and cutting-edge therapies combine to immerse guests in total wellness