No matter your age or physical condition, Release Well-Being Center meets you where you are and offers fitness programs to help you reach your personal wellness goals.

Our world-class fitness instructors specialize in individual attention within our smaller-sized classes and trainings. As you embark on your journey, we are there with support, guidance and encouragement to empower you to be your best. Our classes include traditional and innovative offerings.

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Spring 2024 Fitness Schedule

Class Descriptions


Fitness “blocks” run Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 5 – 9 am. An individual, non-circuit based workout is created for each day and written on the board, including a warm up, main workout, and ending stretch. An instructor is present for the entire “block” to monitor proper form and provide modifications if needed. This open class format allows you to complete a workout at your own pace but still with the camaraderie of friends or a group. You can choose what hour works for you. All we ask is that you register ahead of time for a dedicated hour and show up within that period. It is flexible but personalized, the best of both worlds!


Barre combines strength training, ballet and Pilates techniques to tone, lengthen, and engage small and large muscle groups throughout the body. Barre instructors keep classes engaged using a variety of weights and props as well as the ballet barre. Classes will include squats, lunges, planks and core. This class option is appropriate and adjustable for all levels.


High energy, low impact. Cycle is an efficient way to burn calories and have fun while doing it. You will enjoy the upbeat music and easy to follow instruction as you make your way on a guided ride. All fitness levels are welcome. New riders should arrive 15 minutes early to ensure proper set up on the bike. No special cycle shoes are necessary but do bring water!


Join us for a fusion class that includes both cycle and strength training. Cycle/Strength is a fun, balanced, heart pumping workout that provides intense cardiovascular training on the bike, as well as off-the-bike strength training. Get a full body workout in just 45 minutes!


The group personal training program at Release is the pinnacle experience for enhancing one’s physical body and mental constitution. Our program is designed to offer the right guidance, motivation, and learning opportunity so that reaching your peak health and well-being is achievable and fun! The workouts are structured to address the total body in 45 minutes. We help you tune in to isolate the correct muscle groups and make purposeful decisions about intensity level, so you can focus on improving health, protecting your body, and maintaining that mind-body connection throughout your session! You’ll leave feeling strong, calm and focused for the rest of the day. Ages 13 and up.


Circuit Training is made up of quick moving, fast-paced exercises with short rest periods between sets. Exercises can be modified for all levels. New attendees please arrive 15 minutes early to class. Be sure to bring water!


HIIT meets Yoga and Pilates! Build endurance while sculpting a long lean body. Focus on cardio, strengthening the core and increasing flexibility in this interval style class.


This is a multi-level full body workout that is designed to increase strength, mobility, stability, and endurance. This is a great workout for all fitness levels, offering modifications and progressions targeting all the major muscle groups in the body to make you stronger every day.


Tabata is a highly efficient method of exercise scientifically proven to achieve maximum results by helping you burn fat and build muscles. Tabata training works in 20 second intervals of exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, and repeated eight times (normally we will do two exercises for each 4 minute Tabata). Most importantly, it goes by very fast, and is a lot of fun!


This class will incorporate hand weights coupled with familiar yoga poses. This class also includes the mental and emotional focus that traditional yoga offers.

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Private Training

The best way to reach your wellness goals quickly and safely is by training with an expert who takes the time to know YOU. Release was voted Best of the Best for Personal Training in MetroWest due to our approach. Our instructors will assess where you are now, determine what you want to achieve, and develop a formula to help you reach your personal goals.


Are you kick-starting a new wellness regime? Are you practicing self-care but not getting the results you would like? There are countless benefits to one-on-one training. The comprehensive program begins with an intake session to establish your baseline, note any injuries or preferences, and set goals. The Release trainers will create a unique plan to fit your individual needs and desires. They are equipped to accommodate injuries or other obstacles that might otherwise prevent you from exercising..

One-on-One Private Training Offers:
  • Greater flexibility for scheduling. You will get to train on the days and times that are best for you, rather than during normally scheduled classes.
  • Efficient use of your time to make sure you are focusing on the proper types of exercise for the best results possible. We want to make the best use of the time you put in!
  • Guidance on proper form and technique to use during your workout so you can stay safe and injury-free.
    Strategies and tips to make healthy living and exercise a priority in your life. Our trainers will help you overcome obstacles that might prevent you from exercising, and help you set small, achievable goals.

Our semi-private fitness trainings are open to up to 4 participants, and offer the benefits of working one-on-one with one of our award-winning trainers at an even better price point. The comprehensive program begins with an intake session for each member of your group to establish baselines, note any injuries or preferences, and set goals for your individualized personal programs. During subsequent sessions, each of you will work at your own pace to meet your personal goals, with the guidance of the trainer and other members of your group.

Semi-Private Training Offers:
  • Greater flexibility for scheduling.
  • A group dynamic that makes workouts fun and successful. People are statistically more likely to attain their goals when they work with a group.
  • The individualized attention you receive, similar to one-on-one training. A smaller group allows the trainer to offer each participant specific guidance on form, appropriate weights, and any needed modifications.

Cost: Members $35 per session
Non-members $45 per session
All payments are on a 4-week basis in order to make the commitment and to secure your spot.

Fitness Instructors

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