All yoga and meditation offerings at Release encourage self-exploration and finding your purpose.

Through your Asana, or physical practice, you will strengthen your body and increase flexibility, while ridding your body of pain and disease. Our world-class yoga instructors provide each student with an experience, not just a class. Instructors use specific methods such as breathing techniques, conscious cues, alignment adjustments, inspiring playlists, and dynamic sequencing. At Release, you will be able to bridge the gap between the physical practice of yoga and the still practice of meditation. Most classes are for all levels and we encourage beginners to join! All classes are open to the public.

Class Descriptions


84 to 94 degrees as specified on schedule – Recommended for Intermediate and Advanced Levels
This vigorous vinyasa class with smooth transitions and purposeful poses helps to build endurance, strength, and flexibility while connecting mindfully to the breath. A towel, water, and light clothing are recommended. Heated classes will close with a relaxing savasana and a cooling compress placed over the eyes and forehead.


74 degrees – All Levels
In this quiet and meditative yoga class, you will be guided through poses that are appropriate to your level of practice and encouraged to make personal adjustments. By combining breath and movement with compassion and awareness, the body and mind will be restored to a more peaceful state.


74 degrees – All Levels
In this restorative class, you’re encouraged to enter a state of deep relaxation while releasing what no longer serves you. This practice uses modified poses to provide the body more support. The support helps release tension while moving through gentle sequences designed to relax muscles and the spine. This is a great class for beginners and those who would like to reduce stress. Experience relief from injuries, chronic pain and tightness.


74 degrees – All Levels
Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative practice in which poses are held for longer periods of time (from 2-10 minutes). Physically, the long passive poses lengthen and strengthen fascia and enhance the flow of Qi. We also develop mental strength and balance using mindfulness to maintain awareness in the present moment


74 degrees – All Levels
Come to your mat at the end of a busy day. This hour is for you – to transition your body from sitting, standing, or running around all day and to transition your mind from the demands of the day. This slow flow class begins with time to settle in, then gradually introduces movement and powerful asanas to reawaken your body and stimulate your prana. The lights are low, the music is carefully chosen, and the practice is complemented by aromatherapy.

You’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and ready for a relaxing evening or a good night’s sleep. 


74 degrees – All Levels
HIIT meets Yoga and Pilates! Build endurance while sculpting a long lean body. Focus on cardio, strengthening the core and increasing flexibility in this interval style class.


74 degrees – All Levels
This class will incorporate hand weights coupled with many of the familiar yoga poses. This class also includes the mental and emotional focus that traditional yoga offers.

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