Good health is the optimal sign of successful aging in most older adults. While we cannot stop the clock on physical signs like wrinkles, there are several holistic and preventative steps to take – starting at your core. 

It’s never too late to get started. Boosting our clients’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is an integral part of our mission at Release Well-Being. Here is a simple guide to aid you in your anti-aging journey.

Press The Brake on Aging

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us many life lessons over the past two years. So much so that when people think of anti-aging, they gravitate toward topical solutions that can provide visible results

While topical and oral treatments can prove effective, the natural anti-aging process starts from within—Trust us, there’s long-term value in following a full-body approach to better health. 

At Release, our team of wellness professionals will work with you to prevent the adverse effects of aging. Our licensed Esthetician Shannon Tobin, who specializes in anti-aging treatments, shares her take below:

Oral Care

This is one of the first steps you should follow to avoid premature aging. It is the practice of keeping your teeth and mouth free from decay and infection. A healthy oral microbiome (bacteria that keep our bodies working) is vital.

The mouth contains trillions of microorganisms that spread on various surfaces, from your teeth to your cheeks. When you brush, floss, or scrape your tongue, you’re preventing health complications from forming. Bacterial pneumonia and sepsis are two potential health risks associated with poor hygiene.

SPF – No Days Off!

Applying a daily sunscreen is an excellent way to slow down your skin’s aging process caused by sun damage. Those who use a broad-spectrum sun protectant see less skin aging than those who use sunscreen seasonally.

Although summer is coming to an end, incorporate a sunscreen moisturizer (SPF 30+) into your skincare regimen. Its nourishing properties can reduce wrinkles and prevent skin cancer. 

Balanced Meals

“Your plate should have a rainbow of colors,” said Tobin. “It is also essential to keep hydrated with water.

Topical moisturizers can only do so much for anti-aging. Try to pack your meals with vibrant fruits, vegetables, and proteins. A diet enriched with superfoods like blueberries, spinach, and almonds contains powerful antioxidants and nutrients. Vitamins A, C, and E fuel the body and revitalize the skin.  

We offer convenient grab n go meals and drinks at Nourish Cafe to feed your hunger and taste buds in the healthiest way possible. We use organic, gluten-free, and local foods to deliver nutritious meals to our community. 

Find Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress can take a toll on your skin, hair, and health, and you might not know it’s happening until it’s too late. What you do to alleviate pressure can promote healthy skin and wellness. 

“Stress increases cortisol which can age us both externally and internally,” said Tobin. Cortisol naturally fatigues the body. As a result, the skin can appear dehydrated, or rough. She also encourages finding methods to unwind, like connecting with nature or breathing fresh air.

Going Outdoors

We asked Drew Pearlman, author of  The Four Faces of Transformation and a filmmaker of documentaries shown around the world about food, natural healing, and the power of mind and body for his advice on anti-aging.

Drew wrote, “I recommend going outdoors rain or shine in the early morning into a natural environment and taking a few minutes for deep breathing.  If possible, place your bare feet on the earth’s surface as well.  Just this daily practice alone can be life changing!”

He also hosts the podcast, The Drew Pearlman Show.  It features an entertaining blend of ancient wisdom, empowering ideas, and cutting edge healthy living science.