What would life look like if you treated investments in yourself the way you treat long-term financial investments? With your 401k, you contribute money and don’t expect anything in return for decades. You incrementally add resources and celebrate small, measurable growth over time.
Yet in terms of you—your life, your career, your personality—maybe you forego taking that course because you can’t immediately monetize it in the other side. Or you decide against a genuine calling or deep interest for fear that prospect “won’t pay well.” Expecting immediate returns places you in the volatile, high-risk market of the mind.
What if you zoom out and played the long game? What if you opened to the idea that’s there’s SOMETHING for you embedded in what you seek? Maybe, what you seek is actually seeking you. Each time you say “yes” to your heart, your intuition, your inner guidance, that alone begins to strengthen and raise your vibration, increasing your universal magnetism. And that’s how you start to work with the law of attraction.
Even if you can’t immediately turn your passion into a profit, allow your inner self to explore whatever training you wish to receive. Consider how that process will change you, open and expand you, and support your personal/spiritual/worldly evolution. Trust that each step of your journey prepares you for the next.

-Seth Taylor