I meditate to be a better version of me. What does that mean? Most of my life (before 50) I had the attitude of, “I will be happy when…”, when I’m in college, graduate school, gain financial independence, get married, have kids, and so forth. When I turned 50, my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and I decided I had to be happy NOW. As a planner, doer, and person that likes to have some control, I realized that my energy had to change in a BIG way. Things I’d taken for granted were no longer a given. I needed a complete overhaul in lifestyle to start living in the present with gratitude. And, happiness was more important than ever.

Developing healthy sustainable habits moved to the top of the list. I began with yoga, as it was recommended by doctors to maintain flexibility with Parkinson’s. As I explored yoga with my husband, I became addicted—it’s now my favorite kind of movement, it’s my way to ground. Approximately five years into my health journey I began to explore meditation. I had heard the research of how it changes your brain and way of thinking. I was curious. I started practicing meditation with one of Deepak’s and Oprah’s 21-day (free) meditations and I was hooked. This 21-day program was a good mix of a guiding voice, mantra and silence. I started feeling calmer than I could have imagined, particularly for a Type A personality. My feelings of calm and happiness were so abundant I was bursting. I was excited to continue and grow my practice with friends, family and in group settings at retreats.

My meditation practice has helped me navigate some challenging times and situations as well as appreciating so many wonderful things in my life. For me meditation has become a passion, favorite topic of conversation, and joy while sharing ideas for practice with clients, family and friends.

Newsletter Name: March into Release


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