The countdown to spring has begun! Even though winter is almost over, you might wonder what else you can do to protect your skin from the harsh cold elements. Aside from eating well-balanced meals, drinking water, and getting enough sleep, our wellness experts at Release Well-Being Center strongly advise adding a workout plan to your regimen to maintain healthy skin.

Sweating sometimes gets a bad rap and may not seem desirable, but it benefits your health in more ways than one. As your body produces one liter of sweat daily, it simultaneously strengthens your immune system, increases endorphins, defends against sickness, and, most importantly, opens those pores. 

Part three of our Winter Skin Series delves into the power of working up a sweat and gives an overview of our dynamic health and fitness opportunities.

Sweating: A Holistic Skin Detox

The skin is the body’s largest and most versatile organ–everything we do contributes to its look and feel. The outermost layer serves as a barrier against UV rays (with the help of SPF), harmful environmental toxins, and chemicals. Sweating also allows the body to detox naturally

Heather Vronman, one of our dedicated Certified Health Coaches, explains the process best. “When we sweat, our circulation increases, giving our skin a healthy glow,” she said. Sweating cleanses the skin by driving dirt and bacteria out of the pores. 

“But, to reap those long-term benefits, be sure to wash the sweat off before too long, or you will reabsorb all the ‘stuff’ you just got rid of!” Without proper post-workout cleansing, skin blockages can lead to more acne, irritation, and can worsen dry skin this winter. Heather firmly believes in making small changes to achieve long-term health goals. 

Effective Ways To Open Your Pores

There’s nothing more important than nourishing all aspects of your being. No matter your age, getting started with simple, manageable fitness classes like yoga and indoor cycling can help you maintain a happy, healthy life. But you don’t always have to engage in vigorous activities; a day of relaxation at a mind and body wellness spa is another option for sweating off toxins. 

Choose from one of our enriching bliss therapies, each with its own set of healing properties.

Bliss Therapy

  • Himalayan Salt Room – Salt has been used for holistic purposes since ancient times. The salt therapy room at Bliss combines comfort and time-honored techniques designed to invigorate your skin. Your pores will open as you spend time in the low humidity environment, allowing your skin to absorb nourishing minerals that will leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.


  • Sun Sauna – Sun saunas have a history of therapeutic qualities. At Release, we use filtered sunlight, a combination of natural full-spectrum light, and near, mid, and far infrared waves without any damaging UV rays. It’s extremely detoxifying. The pores will open up, increasing circulation to your skin and making it healthier from the inside out.


  • Eucalyptus Steam Room – Eucalyptus essential oil is cool, calming, and much-needed during the winter. It improves dryness due to its strong antioxidant content. With a combination of releasing toxins from sweat and deep breathing, the eucalyptus-infused steam flushes out impurities and naturally balances oil production in the skin. You’ll see noticeably brighter results after one session.


  • Outdoor Mineral Spa Tub – Keep your skin radiant when you dip in our refreshing 105-degree spring water. Minerals have tremendous restorative properties that aid in skin renewal and cell rejuvenation. They also protect us from environmental stressors. Release’s natural stone hot mineral spa pool is open year-round.


Ready To Sweat it Out?

Are you searching for a wellness spa near Boston? Our holistic healing center in Westborough has everything you need to help you kick winter skin to the curb with one of our fitness and spa services. Get in touch to learn more about the renewing programs we offer.