Imagine walking into a quiet, dimly-lit room and hearing soft chanting or the beautiful sound of instruments; breathing in the subtle scent of frankincense, you can feel your bones and muscles soften as you exhale and step onto the heated wooden floors with your eyes closed for a moment before setting up your yoga mat. But, you don’t close your eyes to darkness; you close your eyes to the illumination of your own Self! You are home at Release, where the beautiful external environment enhances your internal experience.


The yoga and meditation practices at Release encourage self-exploration and finding your purpose. Through your Asana, or physical practice, you will strengthen your body and increase your flexibility, while decreasing or ridding the body of pain and dis-ease. Our world-class yoga instructors provide each student with more than just a class. They provide an experience, using specific methods such as setting an intention at the beginning of practice, breathing techniques, conscious cues, alignment adjustments, inspiring playlists and dynamic sequencing.

At Release, you will discover that your physical practice is the gateway to meditation, chanting and spiritual study. We will help you bridge the gap between the physical practice of yoga and the still practice of meditation with a variety of classes for Yoginis of all levels. In our two yoga studios we offer traditional yoga practices including Vinyasa—heated and not heated, Yin yoga, and Kundalini Yoga.  We are also excited to offer new hybrids like YinYasa, Aerial Yoga, Chair yoga, Embodied movement, myofascial release, with special events and workshops like AcroYoga,  inversions and armbalances, and even Blacklight Yoga! In addition, we offer yoga programs for children and parent/child yoga. Private yoga sessions are also available for therapeutic relief. Attend an Iyengar-inspired class with aids and props such as chairs, blocks, wedges, bolsters and blankets; or deepen your asana (posture) with our yoga wall that consists of straps and built-in supports. Our teachers are experts in their practice, whether it is a restorative yoga class to help relieve body pain and tension, or a heated Vinyasa flow to connect your deep breath with your beautiful body.


We offer daily meditation, both guided and silent sits. Don’t fret if you can’t make it to a designated class, our meditation garden is the perfect place to tune in on your own or with friends, on your own schedule. Try a walking meditation or outdoor yoga class and perhaps for the first time really feel the earth beneath your feet—both its soft give, as well as its strong support. Peace and serenity can also be found in our mediation room. Stillness awaits as you settle into a comfortable floor cushion or pillow, listen to the sounds of soft music or chanting, breathe in soothing aromatic oils and bask in the glow of flickering candlelight. That is what we are here for at Release—to give you the space to seek what you need and to support you through your personalized process.

What makes Release different from other centers is that all of our programs and staff work collaboratively to help our guests maintain optimum health and well-being. Our team includes experts in diet and nutrition, fitness buffs, yoga masters, massage therapists, estheticians, coaches and energy workers. Furthermore, we want to encourage self-care through our state-of-the-art spa and some retail therapy to help you decide which yoga pants are the most breathable and comfortable!

It is important to take advantage of all the “petals” offered on our budding Release Well-Being Center flower in order to enhance your own Self-realization and spiritual path. At the center of all of these offerings is YOU, and surrounding you is your Release team, supporting you with encouraging smiles and rooting for you every step of the way on this exciting, peaceful path. We work together to be the foundation that gives you the guidance and support you desire to help you transform. When you walk into Release Well-Being Center you are encouraged to open your mind and imagine more—not only because we have it all, but because anything is possible!